Introducing the Nation’s First Water Leak Detection Dog


LITTLE ROCK, AR – On Tuesday, November 19, 2019 Central Arkansas Water introduced one of its newest employees Vessel, the nation’s first water leak detection dog!

What is a water leak detection dog? This black lab mix will help the utility find surfacing and non-surfacing leaks within our distribution system.

Why does this trained canine have an advantage over a human leak detection crew in finding water main leaks? It has quite a bit to do with her keen and precise sense of smell which lends an ability to decipher a difference between typical ground water versus atoms released from treated water leaking from our distribution system.

Water utilities in Great Britain, and most recently Australia, have deployed leak detection dogs. In the U.S., leak detection canines are most commonly used to detect leaks in oil pipelines. Our newest four-legged employee – a rescue who graduated from the Arkansas Paws in Prison program – was specially trained here in central Arkansas to detect water leaks.

“We are extremely fortunate to have Vessel on our team working hard to find leaks within our distribution system. We aspire to be an industry leader in reducing unaccounted-for water and we believe Vessel will be a great tool to help improve our pursuit to take an approach that is more proactive rather than reactive,” shared Tad Bohannon, Chief Executive Officer.

CAW is the first water utility in the United States to employ a water leak detection dog.

Learn more about Vessel and follow her journey as an industry leader by connecting with her on social media: Follow @CAWdetectivedog on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.