Ways to Save

Central Arkansas Water

Account Savings

FREE Automatic Draft Payments

This program allows you to automatically pay your monthly bill throughyour checking or savings account. This service is free to you and is the easiest, most dependable, and most convenient way to pay your monthly bill. Simply go into your online account profile or complete this form to sign up for FREE. We’ve also developed step-by-step instructions for assisting you with enrolling in our Automatic Draft Program/Auto-Pay Plan. Click here for the instructions.

Go Paperless!

Receive a monthly paperless billing discount, plus stamps, time and hastle when you choose paperless billing.Paying online is only half of the benefit, by going paperless and not receiving paper invoices, you can increase the effect you can have on the environment. There are several ways reducing paper consumption helps the environment, including saving trees and using less gas. According to the PayItGreen AllianceTM, if one in five households were to switch to electronic payments, statements and bills, we could collectively save 1.8 million trees each year and avoid using 103 million gallons of gasoline to mail bills, statements, and payments.

Water Conservation

Wise water use and leak repairs can yield savings on your water and sewer bills. Be a wise user of the water supply. By making just a few small changes to your daily routine, you can save water, save money, preserve water supplies for future generations and delay construction of costly treatment plants and infrastructure.

Save on water use, save money on your monthly water and sewer bills, and impact the Central Arkansas metropolitan area by making just a few small changes. Along with using EPA WaterSense labeled products, adopt the following water efficient practices to save money and protect the environment.

  • Avoid watering during peak demand time of day 5:30 a.m. –7:30 a.m.
  • Water lawns twice per week –it’s all you need
  • Check for leaks
  • Use more efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances