CAW Begins Maintenance Project for Iconic Water Storage Tank


LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Central Arkansas Water (CAW), the largest water utility in Arkansas, has begun a comprehensive maintenance project on Water Storage Tank 2, located near the Big Rock Interchange in West Little Rock. The tank will be out of service through mid-April for complete refinishing.

The refinish, funded through rates, is aimed at ensuring the longevity of the tank's useful life. During the maintenance period, CAW will utilize Variable Frequency Pumps to maintain pressure in the intermediate pressure system, safeguarding the water supply for nearly 500,000 daily customers.

Leher Painting Enterprises, the contracted vendor, will oversee the project, which is anticipated to take approximately 120 days to complete. The refinishing process involves sandblasting and applying a special coating designed to protect the tank structure, ensuring the integrity of the public water supply against pollution and contamination for years to come.

Temporary relocation of T-Mobile and AT&T mobile transmitters, as well as the Arkansas Department of Transportation camera on the tank, will occur during the project.

Motorists traveling down Interstate 430 near Kanis Road will observe increased activity around the iconic storage tank as the project takes place from November 2023 through Spring 2024. Scaffolding and a protective curtain will be visible throughout the project.

The maintenance initiative is part of CAW's System Reliability portion of its asset management program, emphasizing the importance of regular painting to prevent corrosion and external element-related issues. The initiative aligns with CAW's commitment to delivering high-quality water daily to households and businesses within its service area.

Additional Information:

  • Built in 1985 by Chicago Bridge and Iron Co.
  • 2,000,000-gallon capacity
  • Elevated welded steel construction
  • Hydro pillar style design
  • Diameter: 97 feet
  • Height: 174 feet
  • Serves approximately 30,000 customers in the South portion of CAW's system
  • One of 29 storage tanks within the distribution system
  • Connected to the system by a 24-inch transmission main

CAW expresses gratitude for the opportunity to serve as your trusted water service provider.