Little Rock Fire Hydrant Testing May - June 2023


During the month of May, the Little Rock Fire Department, in coordination with Central Arkansas Water (CAW), will be conducting begin inspecting and testing the first phase of the year 2023 flow-and-drain tests on public fire hydrants within the city limits of Little Rock. Because the inspections involve the increased flow of water from fire hydrants, some customers may notice discolored water at the tap during the process.

The flow-and-drain hydrant inspections tests will begin on Saturday, May 6, and will continue each week through Friday, June 2. Each week, Fire Department crews will conduct tests during daylight hours to pose as little inconvenience as possible to residents and businesses. Testing occurs in different geographical areas of the city and is part of routine semi-annual maintenance.

The City of Little Rock, in coordination with CAW, conducts the flow-and-drain tests in the Spring and Fall to ensure the fire hydrants are operating properly and are usable in the event of a fire or other emergency that requires water.

The increased flow of water from the hydrants during testing occasionally can result in discolored water at the customer’s tap. The discolored water is safe but can stain clothing so customers are advised NOT TO WASH clothing in the discolored water. CAW further also advises customers to check for discolored water in their washing machines before washing clothes during the designated flushing period for their geographical area.

If a customer has discolored water for an extended period of time, the customer should call Central Arkansas Water at (501) 377.1239.

To see an interactive map of the testing schedule and locations, click the map below: