New Construction Service

Central Arkansas Water

Do you have an existing construction meter account?

Now available - a quick three-step process to self-report your monthly fire hydrant meter readings.

1. Register or sign into your existing online account.

2. From the hompage, scroll down to the Provide a Meter Reading section on the webpage.
Click the "meter readings" link.

3. Input the numbers displayed on your meter.

  • Next, upload a photo of your meter dial using the Choose a File link.
  • Click the Submit a Read button and you're finished.

Click Here to watch the monthly fire hydrant self-read reporting process

New Construction Service

To establish water service at a location that has not had previous service (a meter at the location) -

The New Construction Service section provides information concerning water service availability and receives requests for service from new customers to the CAW system. This section maintains a highly-computerized information retrieval and data input process and is highly-interconnected with the Customer Service Information System, as well as the work order and GIS mapping computer systems and carious Engineering Department databases. CAW works to provide convenient ways to apply for new construction service or a construction standpipe:

For more information, contact a New Construction Service Representative at 501.210.4910 or The New Construction Service section fax number is 501.377.7050.

To establish water service at a location that already has existing water service (at some point in time had a meter at the location) -

For inquires at a location that has existing water service, contact our Customer Service section at 501.372.5161 or