Water Rates

Central Arkansas Water

Please, Note: This Schedule of Rates is effective for water billed on or after June 1, 2022, for Inside- and Outside-city customers. For more information, contact us at Customer Service or (501) 372-5161, or (855) 742-0309.

Monthly Use Charge

The Monthly Use Charge includes payment for water used per CCF (hundred cubic feet - 1 CCF = 750 gallons).

Meter Size Inside-City Outside-City
5/8" $7.85 $10.28
3/4" $10.14 $13.28
1" $14.41 $18.87
1 1/2" $24.37 $31.90
2" $39.52 $51.73
3" $73.07 $95.64
4" $118.85 $155.58
6" $235.08 $307.72
8" $397.64 $520.51
10" $572.49 $749.38
12" $1,042.65 $1,364.83

Monthly Usage Charge by Classification

The following rates shall apply to the amount of water used per 1 CCF (hundred cubic feet) per month (1 CCF = 750 gallons):

Customer Class Inside-City
Rate per CCF
1-33 CCF
Rate per CCF
over 33CCF
Rate per CCF
1-33 CCF
Rate per CCF
over 33 CCF
RESIDENTIAL $1.71 $2.22 $2.73 $3.57
COMMERCIAL $1.60 $1.60 $2.56 $2.56
$1.30 $1.30 $2.09 $2.09
SPRINKLER $1.71 $2.22 $2.73 $3.57

Water Conservation Measures

Conservation Rate Discount

The Conservation Rate Discount provides a 15 percent discount each month for households that are inside the cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock, that have a single meter (not applicable to a sprinkler meter), and that use either 1, 2, or 3 CCF (hundred cubic feet) of water in the billing month (1 CCF = 750 gallons). This discount is intended to benefit domestic customers on limited incomes and serve as an incentive for wise water use by all customers. If you qualify for the discount in a given month, your billing statement will reflect the amount of the discount and will include the following message:

“Congratulations, you received a 15% WATER discount for being a water-wise customer!”

Demand Management Charge

Rates for inside-city and outside-city domestic and sprinkler customers have a 30 percent higher inclining block reflecting the Demand Management Charge on monthly usage in excess of 33 CCF-hundred cubic feet- (approximately 25,000 gallons) per meter. See monthly usage charge table above. When a customer’s usage exceeds 33 CCF the monthly billing statement will include the following message:

“Your monthly usage exceeds 33 CCF For ways to save money and water, visit our web site at www.carkw.com”

Watershed Protection Fee

A Watershed Protection Fee will appear each month as a separate item on your billing statement. The fee will go toward funding our Watershed Management Program, which includes land purchases, water quality monitoring, and other measures to protect our drinking water supply lakes from potential sources of pollution. The monthly fee will be 90 cents for households with a 5/8 inch-diameter meter. The Watershed Protection Fee by meter size will be, as follows:

Meter Size Watershed Protection Fee
5/8" $0.90
3/4" $0.90
1" $1.35
1 1/2" $2.25
2" $4.50
3" $7.20
4" $13.50
6" $22.50
8" $45.00
10" $72.00

The Watershed Protection Fee will appear beside the following line-item on your monthly billing statement: Watershed Protection.

Debt-Service Charges

Effective September 2009

Central Arkansas Water (CAW) currently has no debt-service charge in effect for the CAW water system. CAW manages billing and collecting for other water and sewer districts that have debt-service charges in effect. For more information, click on Debt Service Charges.

Ancillary Charges – Effective April 1, 2020

Nonrecurring Customer Charges
Service Charge $20.00
Collection Visit $25.00
Non-Pay Turn-on, Next Business Day $40.00
Bad Check Charge $25.00
No Contract $55.00
No Contract – Restore Service $75.00
Straight Connection $80.00
Plugged SVC/Couplings $140.00
ETO (After Hours Service) $80.00
Reroute – Same Day Turn-on $40.00
Lock – Broken or Missing $115.00
Stolen Meter $80.00
Covered Meter Charge $40.00
Contracted Maintenance of Private Fire Hydrant
(per year)
Failure to submit monthly construction meter reading
(1st occurrence)
Failure to submit monthly construction meter reading
(Per 30-days following 1st occurrence)

North Little Rock Sewer Rates (Includes Maumelle Residents)

Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority (Sewer) Rates

Sanitation Rates