Water Quality

Central Arkansas Water

CAW's Water Quality department supports public health by ensuring high-quality potable water meets all federal and state regulations. The department is responsible for monitoring water quality from our two source water reservoirs and compliance for five systems within CAW's service area.

The sources of drinking water (both tap water and bottled water) include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, and wells. We receive our water supply from two surface water sources, Lake Winona and Lake Maumelle. Both lakes can supply Jackson Reservoir, a regulating reservoir located in Little Rock. Water is delivered by pipeline to the Jack H. Wilson and Ozark Point water treatment plants. Both treatment facilities are located in Little Rock.

Safe, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing water which meets all requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and State of Arkansas’ Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Public Water Systems is a top priority of all Water Quality department staff.

The goals and objectives of the Water Quality department is to maintain a well-trained staff, capable of performing all the functions of the department in a professional manner; to stay abreast of all current and upcoming regulations in order to adequately plan for the future and maintain our record of zero violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. To provide a safe work environment where employees enjoy their work, understand the critical nature of their work, and feel appreciated for the job they do for the customers of Central Arkansas Water.

Request a hard copy of your 2023 Water Quality Report - email waterqualityreport@carkw.com.

Water Quality Report

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