Water Production

Central Arkansas Water

The primary function of the Water Production department is to promote public health by providing an adequate supply of high-quality potable water, which meets all federal and state regulations, to the customers of Central Arkansas Water (CAW). The department is responsible for the operation of our two source water reservoirs, two water treatment plants, 23 remote storage tanks, 22 remote pumping stations, and seven remote intersystem valves.

CAW owns two source water reservoirs – Lake Winona and Lake Maumelle, and an auxiliary impoundment, Jackson Reservoir. Operation of the two lakes and reservoir includes: maintaining all pumps, equipment, grounds, patrolling the lakes, monitoring activities in the water shed, and providing all raw water needs to the treatment plants. The combined safe yield of Lake Winona and Lake Maumelle is 120 million gallons per day (MGD). Average daily system demand is 62 MGD

Operation of the two treatment plants, Ozark Point Treatment Plant and Jack H. Wilson Treatment Plant, includes treating the raw water in such a way as to provide plenty of safe, aesthetically pleasing water which meets all requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and State of Arkansas’ Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Public Water Systems. The Jack H. Wilson Treatment Plant is seasonally rated to treat up to 133 MGD and the Ozark Point Treatment Plant is rated to treat 24 MGD. The combined rated capacity of 157 MGD is currently 20% above our maximum daily demand of 126 MGD.

The remote storage tanks, booster stations, and intersystem valves are operated in such a way as to maintain adequate flow and water pressure throughout the entire distribution system consisting of 18 pressure zones.