About the Watershed

Central Arkansas Water

Overview and Background

Lake Maumelle and Lake Winona provide a high -quality and abundant supply of drinking water at a reasonable cost for approximately 400,000 customers in Central Arkansas. As the local water supplier, Central Arkansas Water (CAW) governs and manages the two lakes and maintains, as a top priority source, water protection ensuring safe, adequate, and reliable drinking water for customers now and in the future.

Protecting and maintaining the quality of raw water sources has become a focus for us locally and for public drinking water suppliers around the state and across the nation. The quality of the raw water sources determines:

  1. The amount of treatment required to meet federal and State of Arkansas standards for safety and health
  2. The cost we as consumers pay for water service
  3. The quality of drinking water that ultimately flows from our tap

Our Management Program

Our management program consists of measures to protect the two lakes from sediment, pollution, and other sources of possible contamination that could affect the quality of our drinking water. A critical factor is to monitor and address potential sources of contaminated runoff that feed the lakes and ultimately, after treatment, become our drinking water.

  • The surrounding Ouachita National Forest provides priceless protection for Lake Winona.
  • Lake Maumelle‚Äôs watershed lies within Pulaski, Perry, and Saline counties. Even though about 80 percent forested, it is vulnerable to development and other land-use changes. Current land uses include small residential sites, limited agriculture, and forestry activities. Storm water from the surrounding lands drain into the lake. When precipitation flows over the ground, it may carry pollutants into the lake.

In an effort to take a comprehensive approach to protecting Lake Maumelle, the CAW Board of Commissioners adopted the Lake Maumelle Watershed Management Plan in February 2007.

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