Fire Hydrant Testing and Inspection in Maumelle, NLR, and Sherwood September - November 2022


During the months of September, October, and November, the Maumelle, North Little Rock, and Sherwood Fire Departments, in coordination with Central Arkansas Water, will be conducting inspection and testing on public fire hydrants within city limits. Each week during the testing period, Fire Department crews will conduct tests during daylight hours to pose as little inconvenience as possible to residents and businesses. Testing occurs in different geographical areas within the city and is part of routine semi-annual maintenance.

The purpose of the inspections tests is are two-fold: To check fire hydrants for proper operation, leaks, and other possible maintenance concerns to ensure the fire hydrants are operating properly and are usable in the event of a fire or other emergency and to comply with the requirements of fire insurance rating. A quality firefighting system means better protection of people, property, and public health and, in some cases, lower home insurance premiums. The flow-and-drain tests also help to enhance water quality by turning over water in low-usage water mains.

The increased flow of water from the hydrants during testing occasionally can result in discolored water at the customer’s tap. The discolored water is safe but can stain clothing so customers are advised NOT TO WASH clothing in the discolored water. CAW further also advises customers to check for discolored water in their washing machines before washing clothes during the designated flushing period for their geographical area.

If a customer has discolored water for more than an extended period of time, the customer should call Central Arkansas Water at (501) 377.1239.

The following is the fire hydrant testing/inspection schedule per fire department:

City of Maumelle Fire Department:

Monday, September 19th - Friday, October 7th

City of North Little Rock Fire Department:

Sunday, October 2nd - Monday, October 31

City of Sherwood Fire Department:

Monday, October 24th - Sunday, November 4th

The Fire Departments and water utility cannot provide the exact day of the week that firefighters will be testing in a specific neighborhood; however, the Fire Department tests only during the daytime and will test in each geographical area during the designated time frame.