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Perla Customers 2021 Water Quality Report Notification Update -

You recently received postcard notification announcing the availability of your 2021 Water Quality Report. This notification included information about Central Arkansas Water along with features available to ratepayers we serve.

Under conditions of the receivership a certain features stated on the postcard are not currently available to the Perla community; however, as part of our commitment to providing you with exceptional service, CAW will continue to assist Perla ratepayers with necessary system improvements, timely service notifications, and will continuously seek opportunities to enhance your customer experience.

Questions About the Receivership or CAW's Role? Leave a voice message at 501-377-1260, and we will return your call promptly, or email us at

Water or Wastewater Emergency? Call 501-377-1239 to report an emergency.

Need New Service? Call the Perla Water office at 501-337-4941. Your request will be documented and forward to CAW Distribution for installation.


  • CAW is operating Perla’s water and wastewater systems as part of a court-ordered receivership. As a result of a lawsuit against the City of Perla, its mayor, and the city council, a court decided that that CAW should be given the legal responsibility and authority to operate the systems in accordance with all health, environmental, and legal requirements
  • We are in the process of making emergency repairs and conducting a preliminary assessment of the systems. When CAW assumed responsibility for the systems, the wastewater system did not work. CAW is working as quickly as possible to restore proper operation of the wastewater system. As of the date of this letter, significant progress has already been made. We are also in the process of assessing the condition of the water system, mapping the location of all valves, meters, lines, and other system components, and establishing a plan for the necessary improvements.
  • We have received a grant to pay the full costs of this initial work. The State of Arkansas has provided CAW with a grant to fund the emergency repairs and the initial assessment. We are working closely with the state to identify grant and other funding opportunities for the next round of repairs and improvements that will be required to return the systems to proper operating conditions.
  • Your water source has not changed. CAW will continue to provide your water through an agreement with Malvern Water Works.
  • Your water rates will remain the same for now. CAW will continue to bill you at the rates established by Perla for water usage and wastewater service for the time being, and the look of your bills will be the same. Your meter reading date and the due date of your bills will remain the same as they were under Perla Water Association. That said, CAW will analyze operating costs and adopt new rates soon. You will receive notice before this occurs.
  • Your bill may change due to proper meter readings. Many water meters in the system are not currently registering water usage. CAW will replace those meters before any changes are made to rates. However, since you may not have had accurate meter readings previously, you may see a change in your bill amount because you will be charged for the exact amount of water you use.
  • You will continue paying your bill the way you currently pay. You can keep using your current payment location, method and processes for now. We will continue to update this information for you, including information about new ways to pay your bill going forward.
  • You will have 24/7/365 coverage for water distribution and wastewater collection issues going forward. CAW’s field crews are some of the best in the country. If there is a water main break or a sewer collection system problem in your area, our crews will be immediately dispatched to repair it, no matter the time of day or night. These crews will also be in your community making constant system improvements to improve quality and reliability.