Sweet Home/Wrightsville are under Precautionary Boil Water Notice LIFTED


Sweet Home/Wrightsville, AR – Central Arkansas Water (CAW) has lifted the precautionairy boil water notice for customers in Sweet Home/Wrightsville area from Pye Road Soufrom Pye Road South to 17200 Highway 365 South, and from Interstate 530 East to 8400 Highway 386. The issuance of the precautionary measure followed a main break and loss of pressure on a 24-inch-diameter water line that serves several customers throughout that area. The break occurred on Monday, March 29th.

The precautionary boil water notice affected all customers in the Sweet Home/Wrightsville area.

Click to view the Area Map.

  • South of Pye Rd
  • North of 17200 Highway 365S
  • East of Interstate 530
  • & West of 8400 Highway 386

The spontaneous break occurred on a 24-inch water line North of Pye Road and 1,200 feet East of Highway 365. The Health Department allows the lifting of the notice when water quality samples reveal that water through the main is safe for consumption.

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