CAW Asks Customers To Keep Eye Out For Leaks; Downtown May See Discoloration


NEWS RELEASE | For Immediate Release: February 8, 2021
For more information, contact:
Doug Shackelford, Director of Public Affairs and Communications | (501) 377-1268

CAW Asks Customers To Keep Eye Out For Leaks;
Downtown Customers May See Discolored Water

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Due to the extended period of freezing temperatures, Central Arkansas Water has been responding to main breaks across its system the past several days.

Main breaks leak water out of the distribution system and run-down storage levels in water tanks. CAW has been working to refill tanks and believes there are still unidentified leaks or breaks somewhere in the downtown Little Rock or downtown North Little Rock areas due to increased system demands in those areas.

The utility is requesting customers to call its emergency line (501-377-1239) if they see water running so that crews can check the area and repair leaks to ensure the integrity of the system.

Due to some system changes the utility is putting in place in response to the weather, there is potential for discolored water in the downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock areas. Discolored water is safe, but it could stain clothing. The discoloration is the result of a pressure or flow change within water pipes that causes the manganese, a natural precipitant of treated water, to scour off the walls of the pipe. Manganese is a natural mineral and is not harmful.

Customers can run their cold-water faucet for about five to six minutes and typically clear out the discolored water. Toilets should be flushed a couple times. If this does not clear up the problem, wait an hour and try again.

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