Private Fire Service Information

Central Arkansas Water

Prior to applying for a Private Fire Service:

Fire Service plan must be submitted to and approved by Central Arkansas Water, Arkansas Department of Health Engineering Division, and Fire Department having jurisdiction, prior to installation of a new fire service or modification of an existing fire service. Execution of a Contract for Water Facilities with a Supplemental Agreement for Private Fire Service between the property Owner and Central Arkansas Water is also required. This contract covers installation or modification of facilities by the owner or his contractor and will include assessment of Engineering Charges prior to construction. It also provides for assessment of annual charges for private fire facilities based on the Rates for Fire Protection as adopted by the Board of Commissioners, Central Arkansas Water, which may change from time to time. Backflow prevention must be approved, installed and tested within 10 days of installation and annually thereafter, according to the Central Arkansas Water Cross-Connection Control Program.

Central Arkansas Water forces do not install fire service lines or connecting mains for private fire service lines across public rights-of-way. As a convenience to the contractor (customer), Central Arkansas Water will furnish and install the tapping sleeve and valve, and tap the water main, if so desired. Quotes for tapping charges will be honored for ninety (90) days. These prices are adjusted periodically to reflect current costs. Prices will be given for labor, equipment and material chargeable to each size tap. The prices for labor will include labor required to tap the water main only. Equipment prices will include the necessary equipment to transport tapping sleeve, tapping valve, valve box and grout as required for the installation of this tapping sleeve and valve.

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