Engineering and Planning

Central Arkansas Water

The Engineering and Planning Section works to develop and adhere to the Water Utility Master Plan for existing and future improvements and works to revise the Water Utility Master Plan as necessary to address and meet the growing and ever changing dynamics of the CAW system. This section also continually reviews and modifies, as necessary, the Standard Specifications and Drawings, Standard Details, As-built Requirements, and Operating Policy to ensure that the needs of the CAW system are being met in a cost-efficient and practical manner. Planners, Engineers, and Engineering Technicians work directly with new and existing customers, developers, consulting engineers, architects, plumbers, and contractors to plan and construct needed expansion or revision of water system facilities. The combined effort of staff in the Engineering and Planning Section ensures the timely review of submitted development projects. The section’s goal is to produce in-house the design of any pipeline installation, replacement, and/or relocation project that is classified as a capital expenditure. The use of outside consulting engineers for design is limited to capital projects of specific technical natures that are beyond the staff engineers’ areas of competence or due to time restrictions. Engineering Technicians, with oversight from staff engineers, manage and inspect all capital, public, and private projects involving the construction and installation of potable water facilities. The Engineering and Planning Section provides information to, and works closely with the Geographic Information System Section of the Information Services Department to update and maintain infrastructure records. Engineers and Engineering Technicians sometimes are rotated between area zones of the CAW service system to better familiarize themselves with other areas of the system.

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